Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party #4

My Bead Soup partner this time is Christine Hendrickson of The Clay Chick.
She sent me a very nice assortment of beads, they will be lots of fun to work with.

The dark brown ceramic beads she made herself.

She had them in cute little bundles So much fun!!

I also have some summer pictures to add.
I have been so caught up in all the good old summer stuff just haven't taken time to blog.

Kiowa County 4-H Fair

Kelvie and her Grand Champion Pig

Ellery and her Reserved Champion Pig

Farm Bureau Watermelon feed at the Fair

More summer photos later.


  1. I really like your soup colors...they really look great together. Did you raise that pig? Is a 4H fair an annual it only for children? Sorry to sound so ignorant I am in Australia and 4H is something I have only seen on tv and even then didn't understand fully!

  2. Jenni, 4-H is a club for youth (7-18), something like FFA or FHA. Teaching kids life skills. The pigs belong to my brother's girls and they were in pens on our farm but the girls raised them. They also had projects in cooking, photography and art. Do you have any youth clubs in Australia?
    Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!!!

  3. Great photos. Looks like a lovely day. Thank you for explaning the 4-H. I didn't know what it was either.

  4. Love the fair! Great memories. And that watermelon looks absolutely delicious!