Monday, February 14, 2011

80th Birthday weekend

My Dad's 80th Birthday Party

We all drove 10 to 14 hours to have a great big birthday weekend with my Daddy

It was a great time with lots of fun.
Monica took lots of pictures (thanks Monica).

So here we go

Playing out back of our condo

The Birthday Party

Around the condo

The crew at the beach

More beach pictures
Pat and Donna--------------Daddy and Elaine

Monica, Taylor and Gary-------- Steve and Debbie
Dee, Kim, Kelvie and Ellie-------- Greg, Cindy and Laina

We had a great time!!!!


  1. congratulations to your dad on his birthday..looks like you all had a wonderful time..this summer i met Emanda J in Galveston and wondered why i don't go to the coast more often, it's aways a nice getaway.

  2. My goodness but your dad is a spry looking 80. It so nice that you could all be with him for his birthday.