Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas puppy

Steven got a puppy for Christmas, her name is Lilly

We have not had a dog here on the farm as of August 17th, when our Annie dog had a stroke and passed away very unexpectedly. Annie was the best dog in the world so we have had a hard time even thinking about getting a new one. To see the Annie store and pictures.

We would not have Lilly now, but my brother took matters into his hands.
He got us the cutest puppy ever.

Merry Christmas To All


  1. Talk about puppy love!
    Debbie: wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones!!

  2. oh, how lovely... and what a treasure... may your heart swell in the joy that only something young can bring... merry christmas to you - and may your day be overflowing with love...

  3. such a beautiful pup!
    merry christmas to you and your family!

  4. awww. what a sweet puppy! have a merry christmas and a great new year.

  5. She is just adorable! It's hard to make that leap to get a new pup when you lose one so it sounds like a blessing that your brother took matters into his own hands!
    Happy New Year :)

  6. Hi Debbie!
    I think Lilly is beautiful! She is so adorable, Sam is so very jealous! He asked for a German Shepherd for Christmas but I told him he was not ready for a dog. He can't remember to feel Stripper (the lizard) and we've had her for 4 years! We also have Lucy the large snake, and we have Boomer, the cat!

    Have a great New Year!!!! I made a new necklace today, I'll try to take a picture and send it to you!!