Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kiowa County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting

Kiowa County Farm Bureau Annual meeting was Saturday October 24th.
The program being the recognition of four Century Farm Families.
Each family gave part of the program, with interesting facts about the land their heritage. John and Janice Haney: John's Great Grandparents W.C. and Emma Mitchell purchased the farm in Kiowa county in 1901 and 1908.
Jim and Joyce Keith: Joyce's Grandmother Addie Johnson Hubert original purchase of the land was 1895

Ki and Kim Gamble family: Ki's Great Grandfather Mose Gamble originally purchased the land in 1909.

Leonard and Helen Schwarm family: Leonard's Grandfather Fritz Schwarm originally purchased the land in 1899.


  1. wow.....lots of families coming together to celebrate a great history!! :))

  2. Debbie, I love the century farm celebrations. My sister and my sister-in-law both live on century farms. It is so incredible to me to think of what it would have been like for families to settle these farms in the late 1800's. It's great point of pride I think to keep these farms in families for 100 years or more.

  3. wow, that's wonderful!

  4. Deb: I love your entries about farm life. It is a life totally unlike mine and I seem to be captivated by it. The bass player in my son's band lives on a large farm here in Maryland and when I listen to his stories about things that happen ... the horses, the litters of puppies, the work, I love hearing these stories!