Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flowers, Family and Fun

One of my pots of flowers, the colors are beautiful now.

Twinkle found a small snake--It didn't have a chance of getting away.


Laina and her tennis partner with metals at the Pratt meet.

What could be better than having fun with your cousins?

Ellie and I played in the park.


  1. Hey, I have been missing you, Debbie! Great pictures! Hope you are well.

  2. One of the things I like best about autumn is the sedum blooming. Ours is not quite there yet. What kind of snake did Twinkle find?

  3. Renate and LeAnn, thanks for stopping by!!
    I have had a frozen shoulder, am doing much better but with the therapy and everything else I just haven't had computer time. Also the weather has been wonderful here and I can’t make myself go inside to work. You will see more of what I am doing when the weather gets cold, I don't like the cold. I did get some of my new earring collection pictures on flickr, if you would like have a look.
    Twinkles snake; I think is a bull snake but its belly is almost white, so I am not really sure. I also love the sedum and mums and all the beautiful fall colors, I wish it would last all winter and just skip the really cold.
    Thanks girls, Debbie