Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pedal Pull Saturday

The Kiowa County Farm Bureau Association
sponsored the Pedal pull at the
Haviland Antique Engine and Thresher Show

The kids all had fun and Laina made sure everyone got there prizes and snacks.

Then we looked around at the show.
It was a very colorful place.


The following are pictures the girls and I took last week.

This kitten is one Ellie named Star. We can't get close to him so I had to zoom in for the photo.

And our Twinkle. She has the wildest eyes, always.


  1. that pedal pull looks like it was a lot of fun!! i just love the photo of that red tractor!! :)

  2. What a great family day! I can see my dad sitting with the other men in lawn chairs talking away:) So fun.

  3. I have enjoyed looking at all your pictures from all your posts! The Thresher Show pictures were really colorful! You have such a nice place in the country-- I bet kids just love it there especially with all the animals! You must be one busy lady!!