Friday, July 17, 2009

Week in Review

First of all we had a 6 year old girls birthday party to attend. With a lot of cousins, family and friends. It was a bowling party and what fun the kids had.
Have you seen the neon bowling shoes?

This is Sam and his little brother Ace.
Ace is 6 mo. old now, he weighted 3 lb and 2oz at birth and now 12 lb.
He is doing just great. Donna got hold of him and kept him the whole evening.

Pictures I took on the way home from work the other night. The clouds were so pretty in the sky and the windmill on the prairie just caught my eye.

Update on the chicks: I couldn't get them to spread out, when I put the camera in to take a picture they bunch up. But you can get an idea of how they have grown. We have moved them twice into bigger pens.

Last night we had a little cookout at our house and I don't know how it got around to the guys showing the kids how to witch or dowse for water. But all the cousins had to try.

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